Woolies founder Kristen Buchholtz was raised in the cold Canadian winters near Edmonton, Alberta where she learned all about keeping cozy. While working as a nurse, she found a renewed love for crocheting during quiet night shifts at the hospital she worked at. Inspired by her love for the outdoors, Winter Woolies started as a way to keep her friends warm over the cold northern winter months.

For Kristen, creating wool goods and apparel has become apart of her day to day life. Many know her as the girl in town who is always quietly crocheting either in coffee shops or in the back of classrooms. Constantly thinking of new ways to manipulate wool, apparel has branched out to other projects like hand knitted extra chunky blankets, cup cozies, headbands, chunky cowl scarves and recently even crochet donuts. . . yes donuts. 

Kristen believes wool can be a comfortable material to wear, not your classic itchy smelly wool you normally think of. She actively seeks out only the softest, coziest, squishiest materials that come from ethically, cruelty free sources giving you the warmest softest apparel and home goods. 


Rustic, Woodsy + Wet.


After years of moving around the country, Kristen has settled in the bustling capital city of British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, Victoria. Teeming with coffee shops, harbour seaplanes, fish tacos and close to the world renowned Juan de Fuca hiking trails, Woolies has become apart of this vibrant city. Pulling from West Coast inspiration being rustic, woodsy + wet, every item made matches the quality, durability and reliability that is required living in the pacific northwest. 

Since 2011, Kristen has studied various crochet and knitting techniques to create unique, one of a kind items. Still to this day she cannot (no matter how hard she tries) follow a crochet or knit pattern. Hours and hours have been put into all Winter Woolies patterns, created by trial and error, following tutorial crochet/knit youtube videos until it looks right. These unexpected efforts ultimately gives you a unique crochet item that has been mastered for over 6 years. 

Today, Kristen continues to make each item by hand, spending most of her time crafting them in various locations around the city, sometime even on the hiking trails. Winter Woolies are exhibited at many shops across the country and a few in the United States but her favorite place to sell her Woolies are at the markets. From Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, BC around Christmas time you can find Kristen behind the market tables displaying a wide array of Woolies sometimes even including one of a kind items made specifically for these markets. Check out the EVENTS page for this years Market spots.

Even after years of practice, she still believes that they is always more to learn and continues to take on new challenges in the wool world.