Some more info on the most asked questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your wool? 

Winter Woolies takes great pride in providing the highest quality wool products to its consumers. I have been so lucky in the past few year to always have a great Wool Shop nearby home including Stash Lounge in Calgary AB and The Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, BC. I to ship wool in internationally occasionally and do my best to source ethically and as local as possible.

Where are you located? Do you offer local pickup to avoid shipping?

Winter Woolies is located in Victoria, BC in Canada. If you live in the area, send me a quick email or DM prior to your purchase and I will send you the coupon code online for "Free Shipping" . Pick up will be from The Mocha House Coffee shop in Cook Street Village. 

Do you ship internationally?

We do! All of our beanies are able to be shipped internationally. Some items are more bulky for international shipping but please send me an email or direct message and I will do my best to accomodate shipping for the cheapest and fastest option. All items are shipped with Canada Post. For international shipping costs, please visit our Winter Woolies Etsy page winterwooliesshop.etsy.com

Do you ever sell your crochet patterns?

Oh man. This is such a wonderful question and the answer is that I am in the process of making DIY Winter Woolies kits that will have our crochet patterns and instructions on how to make your own Winter Woolies. At this present time however I unfortunately do NOT sell my crochet patterns. Make sure you follow us on Instagram for news & updates for our DIY availability dates. 

Who makes the Winter Woolies items? 

Winter Woolies items are all handmade locally in Victoria, British Columbia by it's sole creator and owner Kristen. Many hours go into each item with care and love, please see care instructions with each item listed to maximize the life of your Winter Woolie. 

Do you provide custom orders?

I do! If you have an idea that you think would be a good fit to the Winter Woolies style, send me an email or direct message and I would love to see what I can create for you.