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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use wool materials instead of artificial materials?

Winter Woolies takes great pride in providing the highest quality wool products to its consumers. Wool properties in my opinion, surpass artificial materials any day. Quality wool that is used in Winter Woolies goods is moisture wicking, temperature regulating and last longer than your generic brands.  

Where are you located? and do you offer local pickup to avoid shipping?

Winter Woolies is located in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Our items are available in store at Meraki Supply co. in Kensington for local pickup of items. If you have a specific woolies that you are interested in and it is not available in store, send me an email for local pick up options. 

Do you ship internationally?

For international shipping, please visit our Winter Woolies Etsy page for items that are able to be shipping internationally 


Do you ever sell your crochet patterns?

At this present time I unfortunately do NOT sell my crochet patterns however I do plan on creating and selling them in the near future. Sign up for News and Updates for pattern availability

Who makes the Winter Woolies items? 

Winter Woolies items are all handmade locally in Calgary by it's creator and owner Kristen. Many hours go into each item with care and love, please see care instructions with each item listed to maximize the life of your woolie. 

Do you provide custom orders?

I do! Custom orders are always available however due to creating patterns and not following them, some requests may be denied in the pure sense of expense of time and materials. If your idea is similar to items are already apart of the Winter Woolies Collection I would love to hear for you and your ideas. Please send an email for inquiry for custom orders.